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Full Spectrum Solar System with excellent ROI

The Full Spectrum Solar System is truly a unique and most efficient way to harvest energy from the sun.


Mobile Renewable Energy

Put it on the ground, pull out the array, hook it up with battery station and/or traditional Diesel Generators, build a renewable and re-deployable power station in hours.

ATE – List of products

This is some of the products we offer, there is more to come!

At ATE we have a passion for new technologies with big potential, product we can see being widely spread globally, and solves some of the hard challenges there is to make the globe a better place for us all.


Wind Turbines 

With the wind turbine you can generate up to 5 kWh to your house, stable or even at a remote site.

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ITO Electrical Glass 

ITO is a new technology that makes it possible to conduct electricity on ultra thin surfaces.

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Full Spectrum Solar Panel 

With Thermal Energy Capture, Now you can not only cover you electricity needs but also the water heating.

Salt Storage Tank

Thermal Salt Tank

To use a salt tank as the thermal liquid have proven to be more efficient than the commonly used oil. These tanks are stackable and  can be connected in clusters.

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Household Thermal Battery

Every house in Denmark can benefit from a more efficient Thermal Battery, and save up a lot on heating costs.


Energy Management System

We have a complete management system ready to control & give information about all components connected. There is also smart charge and smart usage that greatly improve the efficiency.

There are many solutions to many challenges!