About us


How it all started

The Founder of ATE Group, Christian Nødskov Duus Nielsen has been involved in advanced technology exploitation and development since the early 9ties.

He was for 15 years egaged as managing director for a large engineering and technology producing plant in Thailand which was an important part of an international technology developer and maufacturer group.

In 2012 Christian realised that Denmark’s industry was on the way to «export» all technical development and production to foreign countries. So he realised that there was a great need for a contra moovement, and he decided to establish and continue his business back home in Denmark. And this was the birth of what to day is the ATE Group.

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Our priorities

Sustainable power

To satisfy the enormous future global demand for sustainable power and heat, we prioritise the exploitation of the primary green sources: Sun and Wind. As the traditional centralised production and distribution infrastructure in a world-perspective demands a prohibitive, overwelming investment, we instead prioritise linkable, decentralised systems to make green energy a global commodity.

Our Values


We have passion for advanced technology as a servant for mankind. To accelerate the transition towards a global green energy future is a fullfilment. This drives us every day to work, learn and evolve as engineers. We aim high.



We build on trust. Through integrity and openness towards our stakeholders and good citizenship within society, we aim to keep our promises and thereby earn the highest degree of confidence from our surroundings.


We aim at excellence in our products and services. This means exploitation of advanced technologies to make our solutions feasible and durable. Our solutions include frontier technologies with new materials and advanced engineering. We deliver excellent quality.

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Flemming Bligaard Pedersen
Chair of ATE Group

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Christian Nodskov
CEO of ATE Group

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Thomas Heitmann
Head of Middle East Section

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Dennis Aaby Andersen
Montage, Test & Webmaster

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Magnus Arends Dilling-Hansen
3D Designer

The Team

Engineering house with bright minds around us

Specialist in every field and a burning passion for creating a global impact with tech. We are fortunate to do what we love. Please, if you have a question than feel free to contact us.

Efficient energy

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We are friendly and always looking for opportunities to better our self and others.  Dont hesitate to contact us.