FSSE EUDP Korsør building project

Full Spectrum Solar Energy 


The Full Spectrum Solar Energy (FSSE) project will contribute to the Danish carbon emission reduction targets by producing energy in the form of electricity and heat from a large spectrum of the sun’s energy. This is achieved with a combination of solar collectors, large high-temperature heat storage and an organic rankine cycle, able to convert the stored heat into electricity and district heating. 

The video shows the final construction location.

EUDP Price winner

A Full Spectrum Solar System is not only great for the environment when in use.
When our Full Spectrum Solar System has reached its lifespan and needs to be decommissioned, you can recycle more than 99% of the materials.

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Serving the energy
transition at scale

The Full Spectrum Solar System is easy to deploy and service, regardless of your geographical location, and it will work well even where the sun isn’t shining from a clear blue sky all day long, like the Scandinavian region.

The Full Spectrum Solar System is a great alternative to traditional solar panels, or wind driven green technologies, and we will be happy to scale a system, so it fit your energy needs.

We are on a ongoing process of constructing 9 solar panels In Korsør, together with SK Forsyninger.


Highly efficient

We are making sure to take as much of the energy the sun delivers as possible. Flowing the suns direction. then heating up oil and then delivers the scolding oil to our ORC(Organic Rankine Cycles). that then convert the heated oil to electricity and thermal energy.


Easy to deploy

The assembly of the panel quite fast and easy. It is even possible to do for down to two people.

Expansion plan

The green panels in meant to be in phase to after the first 9 panels have been build and is producing energy.

top down render still

FSSE system

1) Solar Radiation & Irradiation

2) Receiver Tube(s) 

3) Solar Reflector Aspherical

4) Hot Tank 

5) ORC

6) Cold Tank 

7) Input from Island PV and Wind

8) Delivery of Electricity and District Heating to the grid


Partners on the project

The consortium partners in this project are highly skilled and specialized within each of their areas, and they bring many years of experience to the project.

Over the course of the project, a prototype of the system will be installed and connected to local distribution networks. The project partners cover the whole value chain, and the developed equipment will be tested under real conditions during a longer period.

FSSE will, when introduced to the market, form a significant part of the «missing link» in the green transition. It will offer cost-effective storage and production of electricity as well as district heating. Due to the sizable storage capacity, the system enables an even production profile. Furthermore, the system has the possibility of
utilizing the storage system to release energy in peak hours between 19 and 23 in
the evening and 6 and 8 in the morning. FSSE will be able to cover the daily
leveling of solar cell systems (PV) and assist to level gaps in wind power
caused by low wind periods.


The project builds on previous successes, which means that the used technologies have already been developed, tested and demonstrated individually or partly in combination. This project will live up to the advanced requirements for storage to grid scale in Denmark and in Europe based on energy system analysis. FSSE will be able to work

independently to produce and store energy, but it will also be able to compensate for overproduction of energy outside peak hours (Wind/PV), e.g. from energy islands or areas with a large capacity of intermittent electricity sources. Electricity may additionally be stored in the FSSE system’s storage tanks, and thus the system can be the first commercially available, cost-effective system of its type that includes power storage technology and can be built all over the world.

The world’s key energy goals are to secure a sustainable energy supply at an affordable price and thus to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels for generating electricity. In turn, this will reduce the countries’ carbon footprint and GHG emissions. By implementing and operating a renewable solar thermal electricity and heat supply, the customers of the FSSE can service utilities 24 hours a day at an economical cost rate. 

Efficient solar energy

Are you ready to let
the sun heat you up?