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Flat and Reflector Panels and Wind Turbine


Sterling Engine and Organic Rankine Cycle Unit


Molten Salt Storage and Graphene battery


IICCS / Energy Arbitrage Module / Electric Vehicle Charge Controller

Green energy is sustainable life

It is amazing to understand and realise the scale of the intrusive future demand for the fast change and rapid escalation of the production of sustainable energy mankind is now facing.

To satisfy the enormous demand we exploit all our sustainable sources like Sun, Wind, Water flows and Sea waves. And solutions will be decentralised systems in our aim to make it a global commodity, caused by the invalidating and prohibiting cost of the traditional centralized production and distribution infrastructure.

To facilitate the need for timely day and night and seasonal energy supplies as Power and Heat/Cooling, the generation facilities will be supplemented by efficient storage and back-and-forth conversion technologies controlled by AI-management systems in a distributed infrastructure without bottlenecks and single point of failure risk.


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Our Products

Energy Production

Full spec solar panel

Energy Conversion


Energy Storage

Graphene Storage 820x460

Energy Management

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Strategic Priorities

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Going beyond

Going beyond wind and solar projects by investing in scalable green technologies to make use of opportunities within the entire energy transition space.

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Capital solutions

Exploring capital solutions to channel even more institutional capital into the energy transition.

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Joining forces

Joining forces with clearvise AG to build the second largest listed German IPP and benefit from it as a long-term anchor shareholder.



Advanced technology

We put advanced technology at work to make our solutions feasible. To only continue the traditional products and systems is not an option. Our solutions must for the sake of efficiency include new and frontier technologies to reach our goals. These comprise among other elements both new materials and front-end optical solutions. 

Systems of the present and future must be built from widely and locally available materials and avoid using endangered and conflict-prone elements and be made to last for the sake of limiting our over-exploitation of the Earth’s raw materials.

Finally, to secure broad acknowledgment in the market of our technologies at work, we secure our products by official certifications through the EU grant awards and/or University approvals and updated patent rights.

As the holder of deep insight into multiple advanced technologies, and the ability to combine these into efficient commercial products, the company offers customized contracted development, specialized prototype design, and creation by our own workshop facilities or managed outsourced manufacturing.

Let us be your hands and minds to realize your product as a engineering partner

20 years of experience with CAD design & product production from concept, design to having your product perform in the environment of your choice.

We will help you create CAD drawings from scratch and all the way to the finished production files, while at the same time communicating effectively with you and your team.

Lets arrange an initial online meeting with us and let us convince you that we are the right partner for the job.


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