Engineering at ATE

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Our Competences

With ATE on the case, it is ensured that the client’s ideas become reality, that the production is carried out on time, at a competitive price for great quality.

Energy audits

We carry out reviews of companies with a view to energy optimization of production, usage patterns etc. This includes preparation of a report describing profitable energy savings, as well as assessments of any changed usage patterns, etc. that have a significant impact on energy consumption. Solution proposals and project material can subsequently be prepared, adapted to the chosen solution.

ATE Engineering consulting


We advise in
Engineering counselling
Project management


Subjects we are experts at

• Energy production/conversion/storage/energy management
Light usage for data/energy, full light spectrum
Design/production and optimized usage of glass lenses
Design/production of machinery
Electricity flow in robotics


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Work Flow

Design & Tendering

Project planning
Advice in the choice of tender types
Preparation of tender documents/EU tenders


Construction & Commissioning

• Construction management
Professional supervision


Production & maintenance

• Optimization of production facilities

We are extra confident in these subjects

Energy usage

We help with complex electricity/Thermal energy problems. Anywhere in the progress. if its early in the progress to find the right hardware combination, or even to create a completely new print board with solution that never have been done before.

With Thermal energy we are very experienced in transporting the energy in highly efficient ways, as well as conversion of the energy. We have our own products like our Sterling engine that delivers some the industry most efficient energy conversion.

We can say very confidently we are able to lift any project that is in need of energy management in form of electricity and thermal energy.  

Light usage

We also have a hand full of sun panels products highly efficient energy production based on sunray capture.


Is really important, we do have focus on having solid dialogs and continuously expectation meetings. To make sure we always are on the same page.

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Efficient communication

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