ATE Wind Turbine

Our priorities

ATE Wind Turbines

Rugged aluminum and steel construction for extreme environments; Modular 3D blades for easy assembly and toughness. 

Helical turbine for smooth power production; Ultra reliable low RPM permanent magnet generator.

Design gives silent operation at less than 5 decibels above background noise.
Complete safe for our friends, the birds and bats. 

Wind Turbines 

Specifications 2kW

Swept Area – 3,19m2

Rotor Dimensions – 1.21m W x 2.65m H

Overall Height – 3,3m

Rotor Construction – UV Plast

Generator – 1,0 – 5,0 kW (peak) high efficiency

Permanent Magnet Generator

Cut-in Speed – 4 m/s (11.1 MPH)

The lowest wind speed at which the turbine

begins producing usable power.

Optimal Annual Wind Speed – An average of 7 m/s or greater

Grid Connection – 110 VAC – 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Grid Tied Inverter.

Weight – 235 kg

Design Life – 20 years

Tower – 4,5m to 6,0m depending on obstructions

Warranty – 2 year Limited Warranty

Less than 8 decibels

Safe for birds.


Efficient energy

Are you ready to let
the wind power you up?