The ATE FPSG Acoustic Stirling Engine


Based on work performed at NASA we have enhanced our stirling engine and designed an acoustic 200kWe prototype: The AS (Acoustic Stirling) Engine.

stirlingengine prodimg
FSPG Billede6
FSPG Billede7

Acoustic Stirling Engine:

Power output up to 250 kW

Inlet pressure up to 40 bar(a)/580 psi

Inlet temperature molten salt up to 650 °C

MS Outlet Temperature >150oC

Water inlet for cooling


Length 1.5 m

Width 1.5 m

Height 2 m 

Operation steps

A: Displacer Piston in position zero; Power Piston in position zero.

FSPG Billede2

B: Displacer move down and press air on Power Piston moving it down

FSPG Billede3

C: Hot air moved away from Displacer Top, Cold Air are pressed up

FSPG Billede4

Efficient conversion of energy

Interested in letting us expand on our Sterling Engine ?