Future Energy Windows


ITO is a new technology that makes it possible to conduct electricity on ultra thin surfaces.

With graphene it’s possible for us to place layer upon layer to create different transparencies and electricity levels generated from the sun. It’s an extremely thin layer and can I theory be applied to any surface and is able to generate a moderate to high amount of power from the sun. The only drawback is the visibility of the glass that it’s applied to, but this can also be a positive thing, in all the cases you have a dim window, there is no reason not to get some energy from it.


Use cases

There are many use cases. Like in a car as toned windows or one side of the glasshouse, and so on…


One place where we use a lot of sun blockers on windows and use a lot of energy, is in big offices, one side of an office building covers in our ITO Electrical Glass could easily cover half of the energy spend. A very typical payback time on investment would be 2 – 5 years.

With the focus on green energy and saving on the
electricity bill, we believe this is a no-brainer to
implement in almost every construction out there!

ITOGlass use pic

Transparency Levels

Different levels of transparency
20% → 40% → 60% → 80%

Depending on needs of sunlight through the glass gives
different amount of green energy and generates – From 40W
to 160W per M²

The use of the ITO Electrical Glass in a normal house will give
you the option to run without being connected to the grid.

Efficient solar energy

Are you ready to let the sun cover your electricity bill?